Bangladesh Security Situation

Security Situation December 2019 to January 2020

In December 2019 & January 2020 apart from some isolated crime incidents, no other mainstream terrorist activities or big crimes took place throughout the country. Political situation was also more or less quiet except few sporadic incidents which was under the control of the government.


The upcoming North and South Dhaka City Polls to be held on Feb 01, 2020. The violation of code of conduct during election campaign by the candidates and its supporters are constantly observed which hampered the day to day life of public comfort in the city. Using loudspeakers creating noise pollution, demonstration on the road creating serious traffic congestion has become an everyday affairs till election period. However, the government has issued a ban on passenger vehicle around the upcoming election. The ban includes motorcycles, autorickshaws, taxicabs, microbuses, jeeps, pickups, buses, trucks and other passenger vehicles effective between 00:00 on Jan 31 and 18:00 on Feb 02. Exceptions to the ban may be for candidates and their agents, election observers, private cars, transport carrying disabled, journalists and emergency service personnel. Political relies and protests are expected in the leadup to the election and following the announcement of election results. A heightened security presence and localized transportation disruption are anticipated near all such demonstrations. A devised to remain updated about situation, avoid political demonstration and content law enforcing agency or security company. The year has been full of frustration for the Opposition Party BNP as it neither could reorganise itself after being defeated in last year’s general election nor wage protests to free its Chairperson Khaleda Zia from jail. Insiders said all efforts to rejuvenate the BNP had fallen flat, mainly due to rifts within the party. But the BNP had largely blamed government obstruction for this. However, reorganisation within the party is going on.


Several syndicates are smuggling firearms from India using 10 border points of Bangladesh and selling those to criminals and political goons through some legal firearm outlets. Investigators found that the smugglers in the last two years brought over 200 firearms to Bangladesh and its main customers were muggers, extortionists and political goons.


The outbreak of a new virus “Corona Virus” with a deadliness in China and other countries of the world reporting infected at least 5000 in the East Asian countries during last week. The Symptoms are as follow:

  • Running Nose
  • Headache
  • Cough
  • Sore Throat
  • Fever
  • A general feeling of being unwell

Bangladesh Government has taken the following measures: (Bangladesh on high alert over Corona Virus fear):
  • Local authorities were asked to enhance precautions in the areas where Chinese citizens were staying.
  • All deputy commissioners and superintendents of police across the country have been alerted against the disease so that they inform us instantly whenever they came to know about any infected person.
  • Ensuring screening and quarantine rooms at all airports.
  • To ensure that everyone coming from China or Hong Kong was properly screened.
  • Government has Issued a directive to increase production and import of face masks and hand sanitizers.
  • Instructed the civil surgeons and the medical college hospital directors to open a five-bed isolation unit at all district general hospitals and medical college hospitals for providing treatment to suspected coronavirus patients


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