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Only a systematic supervision and proper recording can bring a security arrangement closer to perfection. At Elite Force, we have four stages of monitoring, supervision, inspection and recording system depending on the strength of the post, nature of the duty desired by the client and the modus operandi. All this is meticulously planned by the Headquarters to meet the above requirements. Over the years we have gained extensive experience to strengthen our Monitoring System to achieve our objective.

Zone Inspectors:
We have divided the Dhaka city into various zones for our operational purpose. For each zone, we have Shift/Zone Inspectors who have to visit a post under his area at least once during his tenure of duty. During his visit to a post, he has to check the guards, listen to the post supervisor (if posted), sign the duty card held in person by the guard and sign and write his remarks on the post register. Upon return to the Headquarters, he has to discuss the observed irregularities with the operation officer/duty officer and record his observations in the inspection register. Inspectors are generally provided with motorcycles or bicycles

Field Supervisor:
Depending on the strength of the post and the nature of duty we suggest that our clients to employ guard supervisors/guard commanders to supervise the guards on duty. The supervisors’ duty is to ensure that the guards perform duties properly and remain alert. Usually the guard supervisors do shift duties along with the guards. The guard supervisor’s duty include maintenance of duty register in the post, visitor’s record, any special instruction from the authority etc. He is also responsible to the roving Inspector/Shift Inspectors of the Elite Force Headquarters to report any incidents/occurrences.

Surprise Checking:
Surprise checks are carried out occasionally by the operation/duty officer without any prior notice. Sometimes the General Manager (Operations) or even the Managing Director visit the sensitive and important posts to keep himself abreast with the on-going situation taking place on the ground. We also carry out surprise checks as response to any client complaints.

Night Checking: ELITE FORCE Headquarters arranges night checking every day in every zone. The duty roster for night checking is planned by the Operation Director in consultation with the General Manager (Operation). Night checking is carried out by three different teams every night. In addition to dedicated night supervisor of the zone, two teams of officers, one in vehicle and another one on motorcycle carries out supervision at night.

Weekend Officers Visit:
In Dhaka, Directors from the Corporate Headquarters by rotation checks at day and night time by transport in every weekend and holidays. A duty roaster is being prepared from the headquarters for the duty.

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